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The need to distribute information within a time-frequency structure is increasingly becoming a requirement for various industrial and technological applications.
The typical infrastructure that make use of the time-frequency synchronization are for example: large radio television transmitting centers, production centers where an extra precision in measurement instrumentation is required, Telecom infrastructure, laboratories of measurement and certification, etc.

DI SYNC-BUILDING is the Digital Instruments solution that allows you to take advantage of the network infrastructure for the transport of time-frequency reference through the implementation of PTP / SYNC-E protocols. In the Digital Instruments world, in addition to the disciplined GNSS receivers (GPS, GLONASS and Galileo Ready), a series of equipments have been developed for specific applications of synchronous network. In this way we are able to offer a suite of devices capable of receive synchronization signals from GNSS systems and deploy them in every area of your building.


DI SYNC-BUILDING full presentation download.