Equipment for real-time industrial applications.


Since 1996 we have developed products dedicated to the processing of digital signals in the field of broadcasting, with a focus on conditioning and synchronization systems of DVB-T and DAB. The rapid development of technology based on DSP and FPGA has allowed the realization of devices such as format converters, generators reference video receivers, measuring, extractors and inserters of signals.

Energy & Smartgrid

The ever-increasing demands to optimize the distribution of energy have seen a huge infrastructure development in synchronous measurement networks for the acquisition of distributed parameters of the Smart Grid. Digital Instruments offers a series of high-precision devices that allow operators to increase the efficiency of energy transfer.

Real-Time Measurements

Our company has always developed systems for real-time calculation of industrial parameters, high precision data acquisition systems and routing systems of the results are, today, the right choice for distributed implementation. Applications based on LXI standards are becoming more widespread and frequently for the acquisitions from the field on both traditional and synchronous IP network.

Satellite & Radiolink

SDR platforms available to modulate and demodulate radio have increased the demand for embedded systems where the RF was increasingly extended and developed. Our open frame core allows the rapid prototyping of radio link systems terrestrial and satellite which provide the ability to develop efficiently and fast embedded devices on the frequency range from a few hundred MHz up to a dozen GHz. a nutshell:

  • NTP Server
  • cPCI solutions
  • IEEE PTP V2 Solutions
  • Time & Frequency Systems
  • Satellite Systems
  • Broadcasting Timing Equipment
  • IRIG Time Code
  • Radiolink Systems
  • LXI solutions
  • Frequency Syncronization
  • Telecom Syncronization
  • GPS hot swappable
  • ... and more